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The rise of the Roman Empire saw both technological advances and burgeoning awareness of winemaking. According to ancient history, the citizens of Rome had a special taste for spiced wines, praising the alcoholic drink for its healing abilities.

The most celebrated wine, Conditvm Paradoxvm or "Spice Surprise", containing honey, dates and a variety of spices, was favored even by emperor Nero himself.

Legend has it that "Spice Surprise" was the wine of choice during emperor Neros infamous orgies where the guests would indulge in decadence and drinking.

Inspired by these events, SweDoft presents Spice Surprise. A spicy and masculine fragrance representing he glamour and decadence of Rome a.d. 300.

Fragrance Notes:  

Cinnamon, Coffee, Black pepper, Cedar wood, Patchouli, Clove, Bourbon vetiver, Tobacco, Labdanum.

Support Notes:
Honey, dates.