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Some people are just like scents, we accept them immediately others we never do,.

But this perfume as the name of its owner, you will not accept it immediately but you will continue to smell it over and over again without knowing the reason until you feel a happiness of a mysterious kind.

Mansa Musa was not only the richest person in history or the king of Mali, he was that young man with sharp features as saffron, Kashmiri wood and raspberry, he was pure as musk, he was a warm person as agarwood and sandalwood.

But the really secret of that king was always and as historians say, he used to add positive energy wherever he traveled, wherever he walked and wherever he looked.

Perhaps you remember Aladdins servants when they scattered gold on people as they led Aladdins procession!
Well this was a real thing but it was inspired by Mansa Musa's visits to cities and kingdoms.

This Formula and to be suitable for this great personality, had to be distinguished by a positive energy for the wearer, so we added cypriol, bergamot, rose and valerian surrounded by moss.

Fragrance Notes:

Bergamot, Cypriol, Valerian, Saffron
Rose, Cashmere wood, Amber, Sandalwood
Oud, Musk, Raspberry, Moss