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In this world there are more than 50 thousands perfumes and you want to have something totally different from them!? from SweDoft!?
But are you serious?
I mean are you serious about being different from others?
Do you really want to unleash that static BOHEMIAN deep inside you?
To be unique by your style?
To do what you really want?
No rules, No limits just like those days where we lived the spirit of the age, I´m talking about the time, those who didn't enjoy their twenties can't know about, tell me don't you miss that spirit when we loved everyone and life?
Doesn't really matter to me..........
Because I am easy come, not easy go..........
Are you serious to have Aquilaria Malaccensis as an opening?
To have the heaviest notes, the warm wood, white florals, smoked leather by incense, floating around in a sweet wave all that in one bottle!
little high, little low?
it doesn't really matter to me..........
BOHEMIAN is sweet and punchy, woody and abnormal it's absolutely not for everyone it's only for the BOHEMIAN MAN.
don't judge it until it dries.
Sfean JA

Fragrance Notes:  

Aquilaria Malaccensis, Davana oil, Nutmeg, Dry fruits, Patchouli, Cedar wood, Leather, Sandalwood, Java vetiver.

Support Notes:
Smoky notes, Incense, White pepper.