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565 BY SweDoft (UNISEX)
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Customers Feedback

About Swedoft by Swedoft

 A fruity delight with a nice freshness landing in soft woody notes making it a grown up fruity scent if that makes any sense. It's very easy going and suitable in an office environment. I can see a bank woman wearing this together with a crisp and clean white blouse and a plaid pen skirt in muffled colours. She smells divine. Simple yet classy, sweet but balanced. The first thing that comes to mind when I spray this is a juicy green apple but I guess it's the kiwi playing tricks with my mind. It feels very Swedish or Scandinavian all in all. No one can dislike it, everyone will think you smell great. It's not in your face at all but still not the typical perfume with florals. You can wear it fresh out of the shower, to a family gathering, at work, to church, to a job interview -basically everywhere you want to smell likeable, sweet, approachable. In Swedish I would say it's "lagom", a word that doesn't exist in other languages that means just about right. A safer blind buy doesn't exist whether it's for your sister, wife, mom, collegue. Great quality and good performance as I've noticed always comes with this brand. The bottle is heavy, with a wooden cap and a paper label making it look like Scandinavian design.Notes listed from the brand: kiwi, pink pepper, rhubarb, cantaloupe, Mary's incense plant, jasmine, citrus wood, musk and sandalwood.Thank you @swedoft for the opportunity to try this beautiful scent




for this beautyfull scent. Royal Satisfaction. A mystic spicy fragrance with a hint of rose on me.. it Will definitely wear it as evening scent this weekend.!!You should go to the website.

M Palm 🇸🇪



About WoodBlock

I tried this woodblock from @swedoft. I have it in my closet, and it makes my clothes smell lovely! Not to much, but just a hint of kiwi, pink pepper, rhubarb, musk and sandalwood 👌👌I also think this woodblock would be just perfect to put in any room you want to get a nice fresh scent. Me like!😍



About Rasputin & Royal Satisfaction

Very quick review of the @swedoft samples I got today. Of the three I tried, 2 were right up my street. Rasputin is a little like Clive Christian X with some cola (I’ve not read the notes but that’s how it smells to me). Incredibly natural and well done, it’s lovely stuff. And the other was Royal Satisfaction which is a warm tobacco sort of scent again with what seems to me to be a bit of a cola vibe. Absolutely lovely stuff.




Prima Donna en topp ifrån mig från @swedoft kvinnliga parfymer!För kvinnan/tjejen som vill ta männen med storm utav ett sexigt moln som triggar igång männen att dra till sig uppmärksamhet och förförande! Yummmii så god!Med doft toppnot med smygande sexig touch utav vanilj som sedan inleds med toner med kaffe och svenskt trä!Riktigt bra kvinnlig doft för festen så som möten på jobbet/ dater mm




I got this beautiful fragrance from @swedoft today. I love it!😍 ”Pure Lady” is a powerful perfume with notes of black currant,mayflower, strawberry, Amber, patchouli, fine wood and vanilla. 💫✨💫 This is a top 10 for me. Perfect frag for autumn and winter 🍁❄️



About Rasputin

 My thanks to the beautiful people at @swedoft for sending this over. Rasputin is a superb, natural fragrance that has a resemblance to Clive Christian X but much brighter and has superb longevity. It’s a total winner and I was obsessed with it from the small sample a friend was kind enough to share. I don’t want to open it. Just look at that box. It says quality! 



About 565 by SweDoft

I’m so lucky because I have recieved a big heavy box with a 100 ml perfume bottle and 8 perfume samples from this Swedish niche perfume House today.First of all I have to say: What a beautiful scent!!! I love it!! and my husband wanted to seize it from the very beginning I opened the package as it is unisex😄. The opening is very fresh dominated by bergamot but also a slight of lemon and orange too. After 15 min the medium notes flow forward and appear slightly, similar to a fruit flavour. After 30 min it settled down to something totally wonderful, sexy and intoxicating. So the drydown is prominent by accords of white musk, amber and flannel flavours.Now let’s talk about the projection and the longevity:The projection is great and it is very well blended. The longevity is 8+ on my skin. You can wear this niche beauty whenever you want. It is likeable for all seasons in my opinion. The scent is very noticable and it makes a statment.The box as you can tell is made of wood and uncluttered. The bottle is simple and ”Swedishly” elegant. It has the ”good quality” touch.All in all this scent is great and I’m sure I will explore more into this brand which means more reviews about the samples are coming.Thank you very much @Swedoft for your generosity and giving me this oppprtunity to try your scents. Keep up the good job❤️ ❤️❤️


About Tre Kronor

 Scent of the day: Tre Kronor by Swedoft. One of my favourites in the collection! Rich, aromatic and clean fragrance with Swedish herbs, lavender, lemon, cloves and musk. Tre Kronor is all about the lavender and musk and it's a perfect white shirt scent for work or formal occasions. A slight retro vibe and in the same category as Original Santal. There's a nice depth and it has also a little sweetness in the drydown. Totally unisex in my opinion. Who wouldn't want to smell this classy? Good performance.