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The Four Fragrances Notes:


A) Citrus: 70% of ingredients are Citrus.

B) Aromatic Aquatic: 60% ingredients are Mosses & 20 to 30% are Citrus.

C) Green: 70 to 80 % of the ingredients are greens,leaves and herbs.


A) Flowers: 80% of the ingredients are flowers.

B) Sweet fruits: 60 to 80% of the ingredients are Sweet fruits.


C) Oriental floral: 50% Sweet fruits & 50% Oriental ingredients.


The finest and the richest note, Most ingredients are amber, musk, saffron, and many other luxury  ingredients like incense.

A) Soft Oriental: 50% are oriental ingredients & 50% Flower ingredients.

B) Pure Oriental: 80% of the ingredients are Oriental ingredients

C) Woody oriental: 50 % wood & 50 % Oriental ingredients.


 It's a luxury and warm note specially when its use as a base for the fragrance.  Maybe you know that leather is classified also with the woody family.

A) Pure wood: 90 % are wood as Oud, vetiver,Sandalwood, Cedar.

B) Dry wood: (as leather) 40 to 60 % wood & 30 % spices.

C) Woods and Mosses: 70% luxury Oud as Cambodian Oud, Buddha Wood 30% Mosses.