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TRE KRONOR (FOR MEN) "Limited Edition"

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TRE KRONOR, Three crowns, Three symbols
The First Crown: Lemon which is used as a base ingredient for all royal perfumes, it's a symbol of  Royalty
The Second Crown: Lavender which was the only ingredient when the Pharaohs invented the perfume, it's a symbol of the old History
The Third Crown: Musk which is the main ingredient for all luxury perfumes, it's the symbol of Luxury

Royalty, History and Luxury are the three Crowns symbolizing Sweden.
Lemon, Lavender and a collection of rare Swedish aromatic herbs are mixed very carefully with musk to be the first Swedish -oriental fragrance and the first of its kind.

Fragrance Notes:  

Lemon, herbs, musk, lavender, cloves